Using CrossFit to Prepare Your Body for Anything

No one really likes to talk about it, but the majority of economic indicators show that we are headed towards some sort of cataclysmic event in the next 10 years.  So if the SHTF (s**t hits the fan) will you be prepared to take care of yourself and your family?

CrossFit to Stay in Shape

Maintaining your health is hugely important for surviving in desperate times.  Making sure you are in tip top physical condition will help insure that you are able to provide for yourself and your loved ones when an emergency strikes.  Try doing CrossFit.  It’s a great form of exercise that will prepare you for any sort of vigorous exercise.  You will want a good pair of CrossFit shoes before you get started.  These can be found at  They have a guide to finding the best shoes for CrossFit.

What You Need to Know

The majority of our country runs on a 2 day supply chain.  In layman’s terms that means that any particular resource such as food, gas, or medical supplies have to be restocked every 2 days.  If there’s any sort of interruption in the supply chain, most cities and towns would have at most 2 days worth of stock.

My eyes were first opened to this back in 2011.  San Diego California had a massive power outage that lasted roughly 24 hours.  During that time everything in the city was shut down.  Grocery stores were closed and couldn’t store or sell any food.  Gas stations were shut down.  And whole host of other services were incapacitated.

At our house we had essentially enough food for about 24-36 hours, depending on how slowly we decided to eat our 2 cans of canned chili.  Not a good situation.  So at that point I decided I needed to be better prepared for the possibility of some sort of difficult and possibly unforeseen event.

These are the first items I decided I needed after acquiring enough food to sustain myself and my family for at least a few weeks.

A Survival Knife Sharpener

If you camp or hike on a regular basis, you probably already own one of these.  But for those of you who don’t this should be one of your first purchases.  In addition to cutting things, a sturdy blade can come in handy as a tool for any number of things.  Some even have the capability of being used as a strike for lighting a fire when you don’t have matches.  To find the best survival knife for your needs, check out or other online resources.  User reviews are a great place to learn about how they hold up in the real world under tough conditions.

Once you have a knife, don’t neglect it.  You’ll want to be able to keep it sharp and in top condition.  Check out Make It Sharp for the best knife sharpener to use in an emergency situation.  Typically it iis one that is compact, sturdy, and lightweight.  If you’re in the woods for a while, you’re not going to want to carry around something heavy.  There best way to sharpen a pocket knife is with a sharpening stone or system.

A Reliable Food Source

Learning about the Paleo Diet has taught me a lot about sustainable food sources.  Our food sources now may not be available to us if we were to suffer an economic collapse.  Things like gourmet treats and cookies that we now enjoy will most likely be a thing of the past.  This website has plenty of varieties available now though.  Quite a few products actually.

In these circumstances we’ll be forced to find new sources of food.  Knowing what is edible and what is not will be a major advantage if you have to spend any time in the wilderness.

Gardening is something that everyone should learn.  Having your own food source growing in your back yard is a huge advantage over having to rely on grocery stores.  One of the things that helped Russians survive the collapse of communism was that so many individuals were already dependent upon themselves and their gardens as a source of food.  This was mainly because the controlled economy couldn’t supply these items with any regularity.  In the U.S. this is not nearly as widely practiced.

For more on the Paleo diet and what it teaches, check out Marks Daily Apple.

How To Find Yield In Today’s Market

With pretty much everything in the financial world revolving around the action of the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke, how do investors find ways to actually get a decent return?

The Federal Reserve is currently dumping roughly $85 billion per month into monetizing our national debt.  The Fed’s balance sheet from these operations is roughly just over $1 trillion.  By constantly issuing debt, and then printing the money to purchase it, they are able to keep interest rates artificially low.

But this also has the effect of pushing ALL interest rates lower.  Recently junk bonds, the lowest quality and highest risk of all bonds, hit an all time record low yield.  That means that for debt that is basically considered worthless, you are now earning less than 6% per year.  And of course this trend will continue for as long as the Fed can manage to hide inflation.

Their stated target rate of inflation is 2%.  Of course, if you’ve been to a restaurant or grocery store in the last 2 years, you know that actual inflation is well beyond 2%.  But our country has become so conditioned to believing everything the government says, and that the mainstream media then repeats, that the average citizen sometimes misses the connection between the two.

So what is actually happening to the $85 billion per month that the Fed is creating out of thin air?  If you’ve been watching the stock market’s meteoric rise, then you can make a pretty good guess.  This money gets pushed to the banks.  The banks of course want to make money with this capital, so they put it in whatever asset class they think will return the highest yield.  And right now that is stocks.

So essentially the Fed is printing money, burdening every citizen in this country with additional debt, and then handing this money over to the banks.  This may seem somewhat crazy since the banks were the ones that got us into the massive mess of 2007-2008 and which continues today, but that is the reality.  Due to the rules governing banks, they can then purchase assets with these funds, and then use these assets as collateral to purchase more assets.  This essentially allows them to leverage taxpayer funds on riskier and riskier assets.

This may sound absolutely crazy, and for the most part it is.  But that is the reality of the situation.  As an investor looking to make a return on your money, reality is all you can deal with.  So what’s the best way to get any kind of return on your money?  10 year CD’s return perhaps slightly more than 1%.  The 10 year bond is currently 1.91%, slightly lower than the Fed’s supposed target level of inflation.  So you’re essentially losing money by buying these bonds.

That leaves corporate bonds.  A bond from a company like Microsoft might offer as much as 3.5%.  All of these are historically low rates of return.  When actual inflation is taken into account, they’re downright pathetic.

Precious metals are another alternative.  While gold and silver have cooled off since they’re big gains of 2011, they are historically a great hedge against inflation.  Precious metals can take the form of coins, bars, and even jewelry such as pear cut engagement rings.

And if what is happening in Cyprus is any indication, having hard assets in gold and silver in your possession could be the best thing you could ask for.  The fact that every central bank in the world is now in the process of devaluing their currencies to pay off their exploding debt levels only makes precious metals more attractive.

This may not be welcome news to those with expectations of the average 10% return for investors in the U.S. stock market.  And it will certainly make saving for retirement more difficult for everyone.  But those are the facts.  Of course, the implementation of ObamaCare is only going to make things worse.  But don’t even get me started on that.  (For more on ObamaCare, check out the X Ray Technician Salary Guide)